Weird Canada: Fog Lake, JFM, Night Sides, and more

On May 1st the secret shadow lizard government controling Weird Canada mandated a doubling of our daily dispatches into Canada's fringe music netherzone while remaining fully translated. What does this mean? Well, Canada just got a whole lot weirder.

Andy Haas / David Moreno – Haas-Moreno (Studio Stereonomo, Toronto, ON)

“This time around Haas teamed up with electronics wizard David Moreno for a majestic and moody spar of modular mutations and cosmic air vibrations. The pieces range from underwater gamelan and circular-breathing insect-buzz to Korean funeral time-lag techno.” – Brandon Hocura

Listen to two tracks from Hass–Moreno here.


Fog Lake – There’s A Spirit, There’s A Soul // Stay Lost (Self Released, St. John's, NL)

“Stay Lost opens up a dark sea of drones that slowly meander into glistening rays of reverbed sunlight. There’s a Spirit, There’s a Soul breaks away from the instrumental trip only to find itself back in a near comatose space of haunted melodies.” – Javier Fluentes


JFM – JFM (Divorce Records, Halifax, NS)

“Less spasmodic and more sample-based than Black Dice but coming from a similar urban zoo, Jesse Frank Matthews is a radio anthropologist as collage artist, collecting critical bits to make a mosaic in your mind…” – James Lindsay


Night Sides – EP (Fixture Records, Vancouver, BC)

“… a glimpse into her minimalist, droning dream world. Vocals and instruments fade in and out of focus as you drift through these strange visions.” – Joel Thibert


Jay Arner – Jay Arner (Mint Records, Vancouver, BC)

“Swoon-inducing New Romanticism and feather-banged bombast is the top down, drive time soundtrack for summer '13.” – Jesse Locke


Colin Stetson – New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light (Constellation, Montréal, QC)

“Intricate arpeggios mutate into drones that shift into rhythms seamlessly. Atmospheres ebb and flow.” – Dylan T. Green

Listen to two tracks from New History Warfare Vol.3: To See More Light here.

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