Weird Canada: New releases from Slim Twig, Laura Leif, Sexy Merlin and more!

As 2012 spun to a close, we played a bit of catch-up on the year’s small label and self-released offerings, and will surely continue the chase in the coming months. The past year delivered a bumper crop of under-the-radar offerings and 2013 looks to continue the trend. Here are six recent faves.  – Jesse Locke
Slim Twig – A Hound At The Hem (Pleasence Records // Calico. Corp)

“Haunting warps and warbles meld in an innocent-seeming act of sinister hypnotism. Dense and intense.” – Max Cotter

Great Marble – What You Need b/w In The Air (Self-released)

“Droning free-radicals in a miasma of commanding telepathy; multivariate headscapes within the unified cosmos of fringe.” – Aaron Levin

Hussy // Das Rad – Split Cassette (Buzz Records)

“This is a great example of the dark, noisy swamp-rock that’s been brooding in the bowels of southern Ontario recently.” – James Lindsay

Sexy Merlin – Heater 12″ (Pleasence Records)

“Rhythmic layering, unique sonic textures and a sprinkle of mystery emerge from these tunes, colluding to embed themselves in the body. Move. Don’t think.” – Paul Lawton

Open Relationship – Born Weird EP (Self-released)

“Disgusting, demented, perverted, immaculate punk rock” – Johnnie Regalado

Laura Leif – Rough Beasts (Self-released)

Rough Beasts sticks like pinpoints across the Canadian map, like those very pinpricks of Leif’s slight vocal delivery.” – Kevin Stebner

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