Weird Canada: Petra Glynt, Burro, Hobo Cubes and more!

Last month saw a series of inspired pairings in the form of split releases enter our stacks. From the cross-country cross-pollination of Hobo Cubes and Taiwan to Maritime heavyweights Cousins and Construction & Deconstruction, and a limited edition cassette from Russian tour buddies Tonstartssbandht and Dirty Beaches, these team-ups offer two for one bang for the buck. Toronto’s dayglo wizardess Alexandra Mackenzie (a.k.a. Petra Glynt) also dropped a game-changing cassette, while YYC noiseniks Burro continued their reign of destruction. Click each link below for the full post!

Petra Glynt – Of This Land (Healing Power, Toronto, ON)
“With ceremonial guile, consciousness coalesces unto blown-out rhythmania as Petra Glynt’s grand summoning fills the void with circuitous distortion. Drum-dance into euphoria.” – Aaron Levin

 Burro – Tangerine Rising (USSR, Calgary, AB)
“How long have I been here?” Seems like it takes more effort than usual to access your short-term memory, yet it must be there, somewhere, under these heavy planes of uncharted cognition.” – Claire Guimond

Hobo Cubes – Rapid Glow (Jeunesse Cosmique, Montreal, QC)
“Ce tape est fait de sensations : un odyssée astral, à l’intérieur de l’esprit, divisé en séquences, au travers de pays subliminaux et subconscients.” – Hugo Hyart


Hobo Cubes – Taiwan – Split 12” (Pleasence, Montreal, QC // Edmonton, AB)
“There’s a refreshingly assured and refined air about this split slab of wax for Montreal’s resident synth geometry major Hobo Cubes and outta nowhere Edmonton newcomers Taiwan.” – Kevin Hainey

Cousins // Construction & Destruction – Split 12” (Noyes Records, Halifax, NS // Port Greville, NS)
“Stalwart east coast label Noyes Records has brought together the inspired pairing of Cousins and Construction & Destruction for a tight, visceral and totally essential split 12”.” – Brennan McCracken

Dirty Beaches // Tonstartssbandht – Russian Tour Tape

“The Harlem Globetrotters of rock ‘n’ roll are back with a new highlight reel of no-look dunks and full court swishes.” – Javier Fuentes

– Weird Canada

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