Weird Canada: Red Mass, HVYWTR 4EVR, Sex Church and more!

The music we dug up this month was colder than average… just like January. You'll Never Get to Heaven make their debut with a stunning LP on Divorce Records and is the perfect music for staying warm inside on a cold Saturday afternoon. Speaking of Divorce Records, label head Darcy Spidle contributes to our new monthly CAMEO guest post series with a review of the wonderful Lubomyr Melnyk.
Kingston, Ontario, continues to exceed expectations with a new release from Get Out, who turn in a brilliant collection of slacker-jams that will warm your toes. Toronto's HVYWTR 4EVR will have you making psychedelic snow angels, while Montreal's Red Mass will have you pissing your name in a snowbank. Finally, the brilliant Sex Church, who, like all good Canadian bands, get more love outside of Canada, release their latest 12″ and it is among their best stuff yet. Follow the links back to Weird Canada for the full reviews! – Paul Lawton
You'll Never Get To Heaven – You'll Never Get To Heaven (Divorce Records)

“Dub bass heartbeat and disembodied Stradivari fluff up the pillow where Leyland Kirby lays his head for a trance-inducing tone float to the pearly gates.” – Jesse Locke

Lubomyr Melnyk – KMH (Music Gallery Editions)

“According to Melynk, the magnitude of this music and the sonic ghosts that arise from the clashing of notes at such a pace can evoke spiritual experiences for the listener.” – Darcy Spidle

Get Out – Culture of Defeat (Thing Itself)

“Alternating between march-along pop jams and tremulous introspection, this schlub-rock chapbook achieves a limping, sleep-cycle rhythm. Sound poetry for the footsore flâneur.” – Bryce Warnes

HVYWTR 4EVR (Healing Power Records)

“Tasty psychedelic honey spreading out across these side-long song-and-beatscape cycles of untitled mystery and magic. Future-world landscapes at turns barren and flourishing, seductive vocal-led struts down red-lit corridors, sonic mirror mazes filled with spinning beams of audio technicolor…” – Kevin Hainey

Red Mass – Television Personalities b/w Kill It From The Inside (Mammoth Cave)

“B-side “Kill It From the Inside” reveals Choyce as harrier and hector, with sleazy and violent guitars wife-swapping channels while he announces his itinerary to the listener: killing, lies and lust. A must-get icy cold grip” – David Ferris

Sex Church – Somnambulist (Instant Pleasure/Psychic Handshake Records)

“Churning and grinding like a bellyful of barbed wire, this ceaselessly bleak Vancouver crew pops their latest dose of downers on 45 rpm.” – Jesse Locke

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