Weird Canada: The Courtneys, Sean Nicholas Savage, Termina, and more

After witnessing the effects of the Calgary flood, we at Weird Canada are extremely relieved to hear that the NMC’s main collection is safe! We wish we could have been there to help out in person, but send our support and wishes for a successful re-opening. To help soundtrack these challenging times, here are some highlights of our favourite releases from June 2013. Click each link for more!
The Courtneys – The Courtneys (Hockey Dad, Vancouver, BC)
“This is the soundtrack for surfing with beach babes in Tofino, all night dance parties by the bonfire and other fun debauchery. The Courtneys make you forget your worries and hand you a cold beer instead.” – Chris Sayer


Sean Nicholas Savage – Other Life (Arbutus, Montreal, QC)
“I could easily go on about Sean the man and Sean the artist all day, but there’s one piece of advice that I always give to people who have a hard time with Sean’s music: believe him, because he is sincere in what he’s doing.” – Mike Deane

Termina- Let This Rotting World Empty (Magic Mother, Montreal, QC)
“This minimal, mechanized noise sounds like a field recording from an abandoned warehouse where a cold wind howls through its ribs.” – James Lindsay

Red Mass // Cindy Lee – Candy b/w Holding The Devil’s Hand (Mongrel Zine, Montreal, QC // Vancouver, BC)
“Red Mass main-man Choyce is joined by Mark ‘BBQ’ Sultan on bongos and King Khan on theremin for a hippy-dippy, love bead smoke-out. Cindy Lee’s tearjerker “Holding The Devil’s Hand” has been a favourite at the HQ since the tape dropped a few months ago, so it’s a real treat to have it pressed on 45.” – Jesse Locke

WTCHS // Thoughts on Air – Split 7″ (Perdu, Hamilton, ON)
“Exercising their musical mathematics, WTCHS delivers sharp call-and-answer segments throughout, as industrious guitar riffs back luridly distant vocals. As always, TOA's experiment with sound results in a mesmerizing song, both dark and hopeful.” – Christina Bell

Special Costello – That Mean Old Sun (Self Released, Halifax, NS)
“Special Costello fashions an ethereal asylum through this drifting soundscape, inviting all ears on deck to kick back and dream away.” – Max Cotter

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