Weird Canada: Viet Cong, Broken Deer, Soft Serve and more!

If there can be a through-line glimpsed in last month’s batch of selections, it might be the disparate approaches at pop. From the offset shockwaves of Calgary supertroupe Viet Cong to the hazy meditations of Halifax’s Broken Deer, HSY’s trail of grunge-sludge slime and Soft Serve’s upbeat c81 jangle, all of these acts balance melodicism with something slightly askew. U.S. Girls’ latest EP may be the most overt in its spectral Spector homage with production from subterranean head Onakabazien, while Healing Power’s F R U I T S offers as many flavours and feelings as the gripper can handle. Check the samples below, and click each link for more!
Viet Cong – Cassette (Self Released, Calgary, AB)
“The name of this band is Viet Cong; they are the finish line of Calgary’s race to overtake the postpunk eruption building within itself through the past six years.”
– Claire Marie Guimond 


Various Artists – F R U I T S (Healing Power, Toronto, ON)
“This platter flows over with a prismatic array of bodacious sounds and mixed mood-inducers from Toronto’s female class of fall 2013.” – Jesse Locke


Broken Deer – Unseen World (Self Released, Halifax, NS)
“Lindsay Dobbin exhumes her slumbering cosmos from the depths of her sleep, pensively thrusting it into the fabric of her awakened day.” – Joshua Robinson

Soft Serve – Sink Deep (Self Released, Vancouver, BC)
“Glorious jean-jacket jangle from a young Vancouver trio yet to celebrate their one-year birthday.” – Jesse Locke


HSY – HSY EP (Buzz Records, Toronto, ON)
“These grunge-sludge goliaths are tearing a wide swath of destruction through a midnight city.” – Adam Bradley


U.S. Girls – Free Advice Column (Bad Actors, Toronto, ON)
Meg Remy’s latest transmission is another paradigm-shifting blast of powerful and empowering POP.” – Jesse Locke

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