Weird Canada: Weed, Chevalier Avant Garde, Simply Saucer and more!

There was nary a prevailing pattern to be found in the music that crossed our desks in September, but that’s fine by us, as we like to consider our coverage genre-agnostic. From the bummed-out fuzz bombs of Vancouver’s Weed to the electronic mope of Montreal’s Chevalier Avant Garde and a mind-blowing archival dig from Hamilton’s hallowed proto-punks Simply Saucer, last month had enough to keep our grippers’ mitts full and then some. Enjoy six standouts below, and click each link for the full post!

Weed – Deserve (Couple Skate, Vancouver, BC)

“For the newcomer, this record is a high-fidelity gateway into Weed’s sonic universe. For the aficionado, it’s a long-awaited long-play debut, one that gives the band the space and sound they deserve.” – Bryce Warnes

Chevalier Avant Garde – Resurrection Machine (Fixture Records, Montreal, QC)

“On their newest release, Chevalier Avant Garde show a great command of the ability to transduce lows into mid-tempo grooves, a transformative process impelling one to both dance and sulk.” – Pavan Brar

Ultra Bon Bon – Garbled Cassette Collection (Snapped In Half, Ponoka, AB)

“Feedback loops wiping the floor clean while Danny plays the overlord janitor, screaming into the toilet bowl that is life.” – Christopher Laramee 

Ollie North – Bringer EP (Self Released, Montreal, QC)

“This benevolent light-being of the sun beams a smiling, psychic missive to napping cynics. Marching crowds of improvised guitar string micro-loops, collected and expanded, a cadent language overtop.” – Adam Bradley

Dirty Inputs – Oberon EP (Self Released, Toronto, ON)

“Awake to this. Drifting in the void, on double-axis spin, a vast dappling of starlight perforates an ocean of black.” – Adam Bradley

Simply Saucer – Reckless Agitation EP (Logan Hardware // Galactive Archive, Hamilton, ON)

“Hamilton’s hallowed heroes of electrified proto-punk have one of the sparsest discographies known to man, so an EP of previously unheard songs from their ’70s halcyon days is a gift from the spaceways.” – Jesse Locke


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