Weird Canada: White Poppy, Chris Reimer, Fist City and more!

October was an exciting month at WC HQ, as we re-launched our expedition into the written word with the long-dormant literary section, [Ex Libris]. Captained by our intrepid editor David Steinberg, we devoted a full week to printed matter; from self-published/small press offerings to a primer on first wave Canadian punk and Risograph eye-candy from Toronto’s Little Brother magazine. Of course, that didn’t stop us from covering the usual array of musical offerings as well. Here’s a quick list of highlights, and follow the links for more! – Jesse Locke

White Poppy – I Had A Dream (Not Not Fun)
I Had A Dream is a blown-out saturnalia of junglic trance wrapped with incandescent layers of popular catch.” – Aaron Levin

Fleshtone Aura – On Rusticated Slant (Pleasence)
“Fragments of ideas speed by relentlessly, erupting and retreating with some unknown and disturbingly consistent self-contained logic inside a damaged aural kaleidoscope.” – David Ferris

Chris Reimer – The Chad Tape (No Label)
“From the six-string melancholia of ‘Trees Die In Switzerland’ to the white noise fuzz-bath of ‘Stuck/Rvrs/Talentless Hack’ and ominous orchestrations of ‘Overweight Motorcycle Cops’, there’s a sonic cornucopia here.” – Jesse Locke

Fist City – It’s 1983, Grow Up! (Black Tent Press)
“Contradicting its retroactive title, the Albertan garage archivists use their newest LP as a growth opportunity (just don’t call it a grow-op).” – Mark Teo

Sam Sutherland – Perfect Youth (ECW Press)
“From the Dishes to the Dishrags, ‘fuck bands’ to the Squamish Five, no stone is left unturned.” – Jesse Locke

Thomas Wharton – The Logogryph (Gaspereau Press)
“A collection of accumulated lacunae, a Borgesian beastiary, a labyrinth of Lynchian puzzles and problems, some unsolved, others unsolvable.” – David Steinberg

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