Weird Canada: White Poppy, Hot & Cold, Isla Craig and more

As festival season kicks into high gear, we’re planning trips coast-to-coast from Sled Island to Halifax’s OBEY Convention. Drifting further west, Kingfisher Bluez has been dishing out the goods with its single-sided 7” series, while the whiz-kid pop of Heaven For Real hasn’t left our tape deck in weeks. Hot & Cold gets our blood boiling, the Ratchet Orchestra swing to the outer limits, and Isla Craig brings it all back home with her mystical pipes. Enjoy these six picks from April, and click the links for more! – Jesse Locke

White Poppy – Mirage Man (Kingfisher Bluez, Vancouver, BC)

“Under all this is a note of something more sinister, something kept at bay by all this cheerfully blurry minimalism” – James Lindsay


Apollo Ghosts – Night Witch (Kingfisher Bluez, Vancouver, BC)

“One hundred and twenty six seconds of unquantified popular glory” – Aaron Levin


Heaven For Real – Wanton (Self Released, Halifax, NS)
“Rather than a long, modernist tangled web, each song on Wanton is its own flippant little narrative, snubbing grandiose post-isms for no-phony pop prose.” – V. Rachel Weldon


Hot & Cold – Border Area (Moniker Records, Toronto, ON)
“The downstroke lethargy and drum machine apathy throughout is a humble testament to these psychic siblings' neo No Wave genius.” – JT Stephenson

Rachet Orchestra – Hemlock (Drip Audio, Montreal, QC)
“On repeat listens, more and more sounds saturate as you try to do the impossible: switching your mind off and falling into the deep waters.” – Joe Smiglicki


Isla Craig – Both The One & The Other (Totally Disconnected, Toronto, ON)
“Recorded largely a cappella, accompanied by an intimate choir of pitch-point friends and only the faintest musical accents, Craig spins an intimate yarn with brooding groove.” – Kevin Hainey


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