Which Canadian danced their way to the top of the 2016 Spotify Charts?

December 05, 2016

Canada has no shortage of internationally explosive pop stars. Justin Bieber can get in some controversial scrapes and yell at fans on stage for not being quiet enough, but the moment he drops a single, the whole world goes wild. Shawn Mendes continues his young rise. Carly Rae Jepsen is, perhaps more than any other Canadian, the proof that pop music can be elevated to soaring artistic heights. Even Grimes—who made her name with moody underground electronic tunes—turned out one of the greatest pop albums of last year with Art Angels. But at the moment, they’re all playing second fiddle to one boy. The boy, in fact.

In 2016, the 6ix God took his Spotify game to another level, likely thanks to a heavily anticipated new album. VIEWS managed to pull down 2.45 billion (!!!) listens on the popular music streaming service, which makes him the most streamed Spotify artist of the year. Even more impressive is that it adds major numbers to his already standing record as the most streamed Spotify artist of all time at 8.7 billion streams. His dancehall-indebted single “One Dance,” featuring Kyla and Wizkid, got spun 970 million times alone. If somehow you haven’t heard it, listen to it in the video above. It’s easy to see why the track skyrocketed into the stratosphere—not only is it impossibly, addictively groovin’, it’s also so short you’ll be clamoring to hit the repeat button and get feet back on the dance floor and movin’.

If you’re wondering who rolled in behind Drizzy, it was Justin Bieber (Purpose), Rihanna (Anti), Twenty One Pilots (Blurryface), and The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness. But Drake isn’t done for the year yet. While it hasn’t been given a proper release date—and hey, since when do hip-hop artists put out albums with release dates anymore?—The Boy’s latest project, More Life, is supposed to come out this December. Whether it’ll have any bangers on the same level as “One Dance” remains to be heard.


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