NMC Amplifier Ep. 13: Avshi Weinstein on Violins of Hope

In the latest edition of NMC Amplifier, Avshalom (Avshi) Weinstein, a third-generation violin maker and owner of the Violins of Hope collection shares the history of Violins of Hope and the impact that the collection has had on worldwide Holocaust education.

Violins of Hope is a poignant collection of string instruments dating from before and during the Holocaust. These meticulously restored instruments once belonged to victims and survivors of the Holocaust. Today, these instruments stand as enduring symbols, serving to educate and memorialize those affected by one of history’s darkest chapters through concerts, exhibitions, and other commemorative projects. The exhibition was on display at Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre from May 3 to June 16, 2024.

Hosted by Andrew Mosker, President and CEO of the National Music Centre, NMC Amplifier seeks to move the needle forward on issues in music through shared ideas. It touches on topics such as music as an economic driver, sharing culture through songs, the creative and artistic process of songwriting, and music’s capacity to heal. Guests include artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, authors, and music therapists ⁠— music champions who are in the spotlight or working behind the scenes.

Watch Episode 13 of NMC Amplifier: