Stingray Classical: Stefan Maier, Allyson Hop & Karl Hirzer – “There is a Mist that No Eye Can Dispel”

“There is a Mist that No Eye Can Dispel” is a work by Stefan Maier with Allyson Hop and Karl Hirzer that came to life during their Stingray Classical artist residency at Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre (NMC), in August of 2021.

In the weeks leading up to the residency, Maier created sketches for specific sections of the work, as well as the foundation for the general sound world: electronic and percussion samples, composed drone tracks, and the palette of techniques employed in the piano part. Having met during their undergrad at the University of Victoria, this is the first collaborative effort with the trio.

Incorporated into the piece are two instruments from NMC’s expansive collection: A set of glass singing bowls and the Buchla 200e synthesizer.

The artists also wish to thank Michael Lipnicki Fine Pianos for the use of the Steinway featured.