Tune in to Music for the Artist

The National Music Centre is thrilled to introduce an exciting new series in collaboration with Jennifer Buchanan, music therapist and founder of JB Music Therapy. This five-session series, titled ‘Tune in to Music for Health, Happiness, and Success,’ delves into how professionals, educators, artists, wellness practitioners, and many more can harness the transformative power of music in both their workplace and personal lives.


Best suited for musicians, community music teachers, visual artists, actors, dancers, writers, and all creatives.

As an artist, you are intimately familiar with the powerful emotions evoked by melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. During this presentation we will delve into the science and art of music therapy, exploring how music can not only entertain but profoundly heal. With Jennifer Buchanan guiding your journey, discover how to harness your unique musical skills as tools for promoting emotional and psychological well-being – as a form of self-care.

Learning goals:

  • Discover how various musical elements can shape our mental states and drive therapeutic outcomes.
  • Learn techniques to harness the therapeutic aspects of music for personal well-being, ensuring that you, as an artist, can rejuvenate and find solace in your craft.
  • Explore music therapy’s potential as an alternative or complement to traditional counseling, deepening your understanding of its place in the realm of holistic mental health support.


Watch all ‘Tune in to Music for Health, Happiness, and Success’ sessions here.